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Give them hell

Your name is Jackson. Captain Jackson. You are caught in the middle of war between humans and Rivanirs - an alien species from another star system. As an Elite Pilot you must face the wrath of the Rivanirs' Fleet. Your commanding officer explains the battle plans but you don't care. You just want to face the hordes of those monsters on your own. You leave the flag ship in your trusted green star fighter and head straight for the aliens' fleet. They will give you everything they've got but you know your life led to this very moment. You are well prepared. You... are Captain Jackson.

What's it all about?

After that cool story depiction let's talk about what "Captain Jackson" really is. It's a 2D retro, pixel-art, shooter where your goal is to get the highest score you can achieve. On your way of extermination you can find and use several power ups, that will buff certain aspects of your ship. Additionaly after battles you will receive a currency which can be used to buy variety of skins for your starship. Moreover there is a suprise waiting for you after you complete the game. Now go and never forget that you are the Captain Jackson!
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Windows 7 / 8 64 bit


Dual Core +

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