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Don’t you bored with your normal calculator??

grab this calculator for fun and secret mission.

Calculator and monsters is calculator but you can rise your monster secretly.

behind the this special calculator there are calculator monsters.

monsters are in danger species so your mission is grow up them and when
they reach Lv5 then release them for the Internet space.
they’ll find another calculator in the Internet world and hopefully they lay an egg.

you can use calculator as normal calculator , but it’s not for pro use, so just simple calculate usage is recommend.

it contain some useful function.

when shopping you often encounter off price.
if price is 20$ and 25%off.
then put 20 - 25%. just it.

when you swipe or touch button, you can go monster living space.
feed them and training them with mini games.
when grow up monster probably you can defeat Virus monsters.

when you get coins from fight then you can customize your calculator.
so let's buy your new calculator skins from shop.

and besides your calculator record how many times you types.
just for fun , you can compare with your friends or family.
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