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The year is 2250. The city of NeoTerminus is an urban monstrosity, In this dark and lonely city you accept jobs to clear the gangs that inhabit NeoTerminus and pray on the public, you do this all the while being hunted by the Bounty Hunters as you too have a pretty little number on your head courtesy of the boss.

Clear the gangs, find the boss and kill him.

Bounty Hunters is a Third Person Shooter set in a Cyberpunk themed city
It uses a Horde/Firefight type game system to throw waves of gang members at the player, your job is to survive and kill the boss.
While you are trying to kill gang members you are also being hunted by Bounty Hunters, who will track you across the City.

The game has 4 Areas where gang members will engage you, these are -
2 x City Areas
1 x Nightclub Area
1 x Slums Area

The game also ships with 6 additional maps where waves of gang members will engage you, these are called -
Downtown, Housing, Slums, Subway, Underground and Uptown.

Your character ranks up by killing gang members and each rank opens up new character skins.
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