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Bomb Dolls is an endless gay road trip through an apocalyptic wasteland! the world is dying, the storm is coming, and a mysterious goddess wants you to find lost souls. there's only one thing to do: get in the car with your girlfriends and drive.

3 players work together to navigate the wasteland: raiding camps and abandoned buildings, eating snacks, wearing cute outfits, and probably kissing a lot. try not to explode while you fend off all kinds of weird enemies, steer through minefields and around toxic lakes, and outrun the storm.

if you make it far enough to deposit the souls you've collected, you can trade them for new accessories. go goth to become more powerful at night, or put stickers on the car to upgrade its stats. customize yourselves and your ride, then see how long you can survive on your next chaotic adventure.

featuring music by Ada Rook, rook&nomie, and Black Dresses!

(for the full Bomb Dolls experience, we recommend 3 players and 3 controllers! any combination of playstation, xbox, and/or switch pro/joycon is supported, but make sure your computer supports them too.)
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