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You have been dropped at the door of an ancient castle by your master to find a stolen artifact. Get ready and enter the dungeon by defeating the enemies that block your path and gaining new powers along the way to continue your journey.

Boltcraft is an action RPG with hack'n'slash combat that has a lot of inspiration from Warcraft III Custom Games and MOBAs like Dota 2/League of Legends having abilities with unique natures that can synergize with other abilities in the most diverse combinations.


Move with the WASD keys to approach or move away from enemies and also dodge projectiles and use the mouse pointer to aim your skills towards them.


Choose one of 3 classes with 3 specializations each that have a starter pack of unique skills and traits to start the adventure, each class behaves differently in combat that can extend until the end of the game and the specializations have their strengths and weak. Each of the 9 starting combinations deliver a unique and different combat experience.


Accumulate experience points by killing enemy minions, level up and improve your attributes and skill efficiency the more levels you go up. You are not required to kill every enemy in a stage to proceed, but you will be rewarded later if you do.


Create the combination of skills you want to be able to proceed in the dungeon, you can get new skills in markets and you can accumulate skills that you are not currently using in your backpack to be able to use later on. You can use up to 6 skills simultaneously and there are over 130 unique skills for bold customization.


Get passive effects during your adventure for side effects that improve your combat, these abilities can be universal lifesteal, summon periodic electrical storms, trick enemies with illusions when being attacked, generate fire trails wherever you go, among many others. There are more than 50 unique passives that can be up to 8 passives active simultaneously on the same character, and it is also possible to store unused passives in the backpack so they can be replaced at any time.


Collect items from enemy drops, buy them from merchants, and collect unique items after defeating bosses in each region. You'll come across consumable items like health and energy potions, permanent power-enhancing items like gemstones and magic rings, and activatable items like Tomes of Power and Enchanted Boots. Over 90 unique items await you to collect in this adventure!


Visit the 6 regions present in the adventure that will make you evolve to the final confrontation, each of these regions has a boss that serves as a gate keeper for the next region. Each region has a unique diversity of enemies and may have some unique in-game events where the pattern of combat is broken for a brief period such as maze sessions, crumbling ground, horde survival and completely dark dungeons making combat more dangerous.


In addition to the main campaign, Boltcraft also has custom maps that bring other gameplay experience like:

- Boss Run: With limited resources, choose some skills, items and passives from limited lists to face the campaign bosses in sequence

- The Sandbox: Perform all kinds of tests possible, using the combination you want (literally) against the rag dolls scattered around the map, an unlimited mode that allows you to learn more about the elements present in the game.

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Windows 7


Intel Dual Core or AMD 2.8 GHz