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Bloody Layne tells a dark vampire story with fully voiced dialogue. You decide, how to play and which path the story will take.

  • Play as you want to play! Not grinding is most rewarding!
  • Drink the blood from your enemies, transform into a bat or become a new Nosferatu with his own servants. Let Layne bath in the blood of his enemies and become insane.
  • Unlock different endings, each with unique storylines and battles.
  • Choose between different skills and create your own playstyle.
  • Straight forward dialogue and meaningful dialogue choices, which have real consequences.
  • Enjoy fast combat with lots of variety. Encounter more than 30 enemy types, which will try to claim the bounty on your head!

Control Layne, who wakes up and finds out that he has been bitten by a vampire. A dark voice whispers to Layne in his head and teaches him how to defend himself with magic and how to get stronger! Now Layne will have to face his creator, who lives in his castle on the mountains. A random set of bosses will challenge Layne on his way to the top, like the Black Mage, who can help you to become human again. Layne might be haunted by the old castle ghost, who eventually transforms into his old rotten body. Sometimes a vampire hunter will show up, to challenge Layne to a duel. An Assassin might stop Layne and lets him dance to avoid a rain of bombs.

Tip: Just play as you want on your first playthrough and have fun.
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4 Core 3,30 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970