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Grab this block, you can place it on the road to block monsters, or you can release it over their heads to crush them!
These monsters are very cunning, some destroy the block with wild power, some Fly over the wall slinkingly, some from the underground to dig a hole to the background. Different tactics must be used against different monsters.

Bricks don't just appear out of air. Look at our craftsmen, who work day and night collecting wood, stone, bronze and jade to make blocks. Wood blocks can be produced quickly, stone blocks are balanced, bronze blocks are strong and heavy, crystal blocks are fragile and deadly. With good resource management, the battle is half won.

Assign your warriors to the front lines, erect shields, operate crossbows, repair holes, fire cannons. These brave warriors are honored to share your burden, so that you can better manage the larger picture. You know, the strongest wall is always the soldier's shoulder.

Free the occupied areas step by step, earn the bonus shield, unlock new attachments and spells. Failure does not matter, perhaps you can change the strategy to win it back.
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