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You are one of the 16 beast-men who have newly arrived at this small town. Though it is small, this town is world-renowned as the bodybuilding capitol of the world. You are a talented bodybuilder, and you have worked hard to gain entry into this place. Now you just need to spend some time in this town, earn enough medals, and be finally considered as a citizen. Watch your daily hypertrophy and nutrient intake, plan your schedule to get enough sleep, balance your energy and mood, and juggle your reputation vs infamy. You can earn money and increase various skills by attending jobs/events.

There are 16 characters to choose from, one as your main and two as your buddies. 20 costumes to be unlocked for each. Your muscle gain, injuries, and skin health will be reflected graphically on your character. Each character has traits and skills that you can unlock and swap into, each providing additional effects in various mini-games. You can befriend/romance (both male/female) those you meet in town. They may send you gifts, aid you in combat, and provide additional places for you to visit and/or sleep over.

There is turn-based strategic combat through daily tournaments, but that is not mandatory --- you can also fish, hunt, farm, gather, model, dance, work as trainer or masseur, compete in bodybuilding contests, and socialize in various ways to get what you want. Each comes with multiple forms of mini-games. So just pick something that you prefer to do, all roads lead to Rome. But in case you want to experience them all --- there is a big list of achievements that you can aim for! Also, every week there will be a ranking of all the registered bodybuilders in town, so watch as you climb to the top of the ladder through hard work!
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İşletim Sistemi:

XP and later


Intel Pentium

Grafik Kartı:

Integrated Graphics


512 MB RAM