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Aksiyon, Macera, Basit Eğlence





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A Story About a Teenager, who got Taken away, after getting killed and try to found out what happend, where he is, who he is and what to do. The game is about the Teenager whom is fighting for his life to get more Information that will help him to get out.

Gameplay you are a Bean with abnormal ability which help him with his survivor. You have a sword that you are use telekinesis to control and use to fight your enemies. But there is also something inside you what is it or what does it want you don't know and don't know if you want to know. Although there is some people there whom want to help you in a way. As You proceed you meet new enemy and new people, also learn new abilties.

The game becomes harder and harder every level you complete and also new enemies get new abilties to defeat you. You don't only have abilties but also shop and Smithing that give you temporaily strength, power and items to make the difficulty of the game easy for you to beat, but you have to earn it first.

The game will not have a diffculty choice, it will be always on the hardest diffculty but, if you want to make it easier, then you have to play and earn souls(Coins) that can be use on the Smithing and it will help you in that one level giving you temporaily strength and power that will be lose after finshing that level. Every level will have one of those and also you don't have to use them.

The Shop will have items the you can buy and use in any level, just in a limited amount of supplies, That can also be earn in game. The items will be slow time or damges enemies etc. The shop will not be in any level only in some.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7/8/10


1 GHz

Depolama Alanı:

800 MB available space