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Battle Tops is a tops battling game. Where you can create lots of unique tops with now over 16 million possible combinations.
With those tops you can battle them in many different scenario's. And with the twitch integration you can battle your own twitch viewers on stream. Or you can try your unique combinations with friends.


Multiplayer is with 3d party. You need to stream the game on twitch to play multiplayer with your viewers.

Main features :

  • Twitch integration.
  • Design your own tops.
  • 119 materials to choose from to customize your top.
  • 271 parts to design your battle top.
  • Different part stats.
  • Random combinations feature.
  • Over 16 million part combinations.
  • 31 different arenas to battle your tops in.
  • Different match options to customize every battle.
  • Sandbox world to test what ever you want.
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1000 MB RAM