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Banzai Bat is an action-packed local multiplayer game for 2-4 players
filled with different skins, stages and modes. Easy to learn, hard to master.
Charge up your baseball bats and make your friends fly!

From volcanoes to graveyards. Banzai Bat offers you the opportunity
to duke it out on a variety of unique stages each with a unique gimmick

Dip your toes into level design and create your own stages to brawl on.
The included stage editor allows you to create custom stages
and share them with friends using the stage code feature.
You will never run out of new stages to play.

To make things more interesting you can switch up the rules with
different modes. Change the rule set to create unique
and chaotic battles.

Banzai Bat is powered by the talented musician Jredd.
He brings funky and groovy tunes that make the game really pop.
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