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Remember those old console racing games we grew up playing on the small CRT boxes? AV-Racer is a 2D top down retro style arcade racing game inspired in style by that nostalgia and in gameplay by the spirit of retro arcaders.


CRT style graphics:

Convex screen, curved edges, scan-lines, RGB shift, static, and on/off TV effects are emulated to chase that feeling of childhood nostalgia in games.

Fast paced and challenging racing:

Push will come to shove in this one. Paint the roads with tire tracks and cover your opponents with smoke as you battle for first in a fast paced circuit racing format. Learn the track and memorize the corners to nail your approach. Utilize going offtrack and cutting corners to your advantage and slide ahead the competition.

Race up to 10 drivers, against a challenging AI system. No rubber banding, no handicaps, no artificial boosts, learn the track, take corners right and you will get ahead.

14 different race locations:

Race at 14 different locations with 24 different track setups. Hand crafted tracks with corners inspired by famous tracks around the world. Look out for Easter Eggs!

5 different car classes and championships:

Climb your way from the Junior league to the World Series in 5 car classes. Collect trophies in 5 different championships; Junior, Senior, Professional, Endurance, and World Championship. Progress in the career to unlock car classes and tracks to play in single player and split screen

Split-Screen local Multiplayer mode:

Share the crazy action with a friend and compete locally in a Two-Player mode against each other or with AI, using the tracks an cars unlocked in Career.

If you're interested in learning about the development process of this game, check out the devlog here:
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


Anything that was manufactured within the last decade should be fine

Grafik Kartı:

A GPU with at least 1 GB VRAM

Depolama Alanı:

110 MB available space