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Fireball Studios

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ASTRAL - Dream Or Reality is a horror game with survival aspects which lets the player slip into the role of Adam.

NOTE! The game is still in development. =)
Solve riddles:
In the course of the game there are always obstacles between you and Kara, whether a simple locked door or an entire village

Pay attention not only to your stamina but also to your psyche. In ASTRAL your psyche plays a role, if you feel too bad you lose life.
Find useful items to keep you alive or avoid too much stress.
(Note: this feature is not yet fully included in the current version)

The history:
ASTRAL attaches great importance to the story, even if it is sometimes not immediately clear, your actions influence the course of the story. The closer you get to the truth, the better the whole thing goes for Adam. If you stay away from the truth, it will affect the game as well.

When Adam wakes up in his apartment shortly after darkness falls, everything seems normal at first. He has a date with Kara today and has to hurry because she is almost there.
But somehow the evening feels strange, before Kara reaches the floor, there is a power outage and she gets stuck in the elevator.

What happens then confirms the strange feeling, because no one else in the house reacts to the events. The ghostly dark hallway Adam walks down every day is quiet. Only the sound of his smartphone can be heard and the news does not bode well. Somebody suddenly seems to be with Kara.

This Game will recieve free DLCs and Content Updates
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Win 10


i5 or Ryzen 7

Grafik Kartı:

NVidia 1660