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This is not just a relaxing experience. Dr. Lora Heugens talks about anxiety, how to calm down and feel good about yourself. She talks about common scenarios that normally makes people anxious and goes into details to react to them. She describes how to handle anxiety before, during and after anxious experiences. In one of the sessions she describes the process that will enable you to calm yourself quickly and efficiently anytime. Of course this material includes a relaxing story that you can come back to anytime to calm yourself as well.

First you learn the way to breathe properly, followed by the doctor explaining some basics about anxiety. The main story gives us an opportunity to learn the way to look at life experiences as an outsider while going into a deep relaxation state. Then the doctor explains how to utilize the learnings provided as well as explaining what happiness means and how to achieve it. She also gives real life examples explaining different scenarios before, during and after events that usually make people anxious.

In addition to the relaxation exercise and learning the user is welcomed to walk around the area which is designed to be a calming mountain setting.

The features and content a customer can expect to be included with their purchase is:
1: as detailed above the customer can select buttons. Each of those buttons start a different session of relaxation experience
2: as detailed above, the button called “Breathe” starts the session explaining how to properly breathe.
3: as detailed above, the button called “Happiness” starts the session explaining how to become a happy person
Other buttons are more self-explanatory.

This material was designed to be a relaxing game like exercise. In case any person is referenced in the game, it is accidental. Having said that; we do hope this material helps someone relax.
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