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Get ready to see the world through the eyes of an ordinary Dad! The challenges of fatherhood will haunt him on his way to watching a football match. Help him keep his titles of the best Dad in the world and the most loyal football fan by juggling all of his tasks without stressing out.

* High quality stylized graphics!
* Simple but hardcore gameplay!
* A lot of fun and interesting tasks:
- Lending a helping hand to his wife and proving his strength.
- Helping his son on the way to becoming a math prodigy.
- Dealing with the cultists hated by the whole neighborhood.
- Washing those never-ending dishes.
- Fixing the always leaky pipes.
- Answering the phone to shout at scammers.
- Lovingly rocking to sleep his little daughter

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İşletim Sistemi:

Window 7 64 Bit


Intel CPU Core i3 / AMD A6

Grafik Kartı:

Intel Graphics HD 4200 / Radeon R4 Mobile