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MacGuyold, MacGGames

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The 21st century sealed the fate of the planet. Human beings had exhausted all resources, destroyed all biodiversity and natural protection ...

" Angels & Guardians: A Journey to the Center of the Earth " is an original science fiction tale that will immerse you in an alternate version of the famous Jules Vernes story.
In this game you will have to:
- Explore with your ship the caves with the many landscapes of the depths of the Earth: crystal caves, lava, and many others ...
- Collect rocks, crystals and mushrooms to upgrade your ship, build weapons or potions, and heal yourself.
- Fight against formidable creatures and bosses from the depths of the Earth for your survival.
- Discover new unexplored resources with unsuspected powers to save humanity.
- Make the right choices, think about your actions and your words, because they will directly influence the motivation of the characters.

Reach the center of the Earth in an attempt to save humanity!