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Among the Skies is an indie naval-style game based around medieval airships built like castles.

The goal is to construct a base, build an airship, and conquer territory.

There is 47 different areas to conquer.

And throughout your conquest of this vast land, you will encounter many different enemies.

With 19 different enemies appearing in your quest.

These enemies are constructed of lost, foreign technology.

Built up of unfamiliar stones they fly around seemingly on their own will.

And they will grow stronger and more numerous the farther you progress.

If you best all of these enemies and conquer all there is to be conquered but still crave blood,

Then there is a feature to reset your territory and scale enemy strength while still keeping your technological progression.

There is 6 buildings and 12 upgrades to construct for your base.

You can use these buildings to help you research technology, create new modules, and gather more resources.

This game uses a modular airship construction system.

You can use 28 different modules to construct a fantastical airship of your design to eliminate enemies.

These modules can reinforce your ships armor or give you powerful buffs at your command.

Incase you're unsure, there's a demo available.

I hope you enjoy, regardless.

I plan on regularly updating this game into the foreseeable future.
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