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Somewhere in the galaxy far . . far . . away . . .
The cargo spaceship got problem. Something wrong with the crews, from unknown reason they go wild and destroy their ship. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! . . .

SORA AMBER She is the captain of Crew-A Yellow, a special engineering squad.
While she is on patrol along the solar system border, she receive the very weak S.O.S. massage from the far away space. Then she warp to that coordinate quickly and she find herself in the most dangerous abandon spaceship, where ghosts of murdered crew members and traitors wander around.

To solve the situation courageously, she must go through the mazes, running around the labyrinths and gathering energy dots to repair the important rooms of the abandon spaceship.

Find Super Items lying around that can boost her strength, make her invisible and help her beat the enemies. Let's Go! SORA CHAN !!

  • Maze-A-Round : 2D Pixel maze
  • Run or Fight : Find the items to beat the enemies
  • Fix It : Collect the energy dots to repair the spaceship
  • Hard Bosses : Use Heavy machine guns to take down bosses
  • ==== SURVIVE ====

Simple to control
  • Direction buttons = Gamepad 4-directions, keyboard Arrow keys or WASD keys
  • Action button = Gamepad A button, 1st button, keyboard Spacebar
  • Mouse can also be use in Hammering stage
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:



intel i3


200 MB RAM