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As the Alpha Shark you must eat to survive and defend your territory from other sharks who may challenge you. This vibrant coral reef is full of mysteries and places to explore. In these nutrient rich waters, fish are boundless, but after a while you may simply wish to swim in the tranquil water and enjoy the scenery.


  • Grow as you eat and become the biggest shark
  • Starve and shrink when you don't eat enough
  • Eat other sharks
  • Eat fish / sea life
  • A leaderboard that shows the largest 10 sharks in the current lobby
  • Large semi-procedural map
  • Explore the beautiful reef and find hidden locations
  • Treasure hunting
  • Interactable vegetation
  • Lots of fish
  • First / Third-shark perspectives
  • Ultrawide monitor support
  • Save settings

Screensaver mode

In screensaver mode the game will be in single player mode, locked in first-person (shark), the HUD will be disabled, and the sharks movement will become more static allowing the player to move around and create beautiful underwater screensavers.

Wallpaper mode

This mode is similar to screensaver mode except the movement controls are now mouse-click driven in order to support the software called "Wallpaper engine" that players have requested / mentioned in the past.

Multiplayer / Matchmaking

To join a random open lobby simply click "Join" on the main screen

To host your own game, click "Host". Other players will be able to join as described above by clicking "Join"

You can invite and join friends using the Steam overlay.
  1. Press [Esc] on the keyboard
  2. Host clicks "Invite"
  3. Host uses invite dialog to invite other player(s)
  4. Other player(s) start Alpha Shark
  5. Other player(s) press [Shift]+[Tab] to activate the Steam overlay
  6. Other player(s) click "Play Game" in the Steam chat window

Note: You will not be able to join games that have a full lobby.

For transparency, multiplayer is tested with 4 players and bots to emulate large lobbies. The game should support up to 250 players per server. You may find that adjusting the max players can improve or degrade your gameplay experience. There is a built in text chat, but no voice chat. If you wish to work as a team it is suggested that you use Discord or Steam Chat.


Keyboard & mouse

Look: Mouse
Swim: WASD
Fast swim: WASD + Left-Shift
Attack: Left-click
Switch view: v
Free look: Left-ctrl
Menu: Esc

Xbox controller
Look: Right-stick
Swim: Left-stick
Fast swim: Left-stick + Left-trigger
Attack: Right-trigger
Switch view: Y
Free look: Left-bumper
Menu: Start
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or 10


Intel i3

Grafik Kartı:

GTX 560

Depolama Alanı:

3 GB available space