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You play the part of ‘Airball’ as an evil wizard has turned you into a bouncing ball of air with a slow leak! The only way to break the spell is to find the various ingredients and the spell book to break the magic curse!

Work your way through the hundreds of levels of isometric rooms on your quest. Remember on each level if you stay on an ‘inflating station’ for too long it will cause you to burst! You can monitor your air level with the onscreen gauge.

Using the directional controls and the jump button, jump across gaps and weave through obstacles.

Get points by gathering gems during your quest, and ascend stairs by jumping, but watch out for the spikes and other hazards which will burst you!

For some levels you will need to obtain special items to proceed such as candles for dark rooms, but don’t forget you are always up against the clock as you are slowing deflating, so also keep a look out for the random pumps to inflate you and buy you more time but without over pressurising and bursting yourself!

Will you find the ingredients and use the spell book to lift the curse and save yourself before time runs out! Good luck Airball!


Originally released in 1987 across multiple formats including MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari and others. This version is the MS-DOS version.
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