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The exciting shooting game, AI WAR, is a war game where players need go through a hail of bullets and blow up the master control base of the master control base of AI intelligent robots.

Game Rules:

A. Five levels of difficulty are optional in start interface.
B. In this game, each level of difficulty corresponds to its respective minimum number of biped robots, quadruped robots and energy blocks to be destroyed, and respective number of spaceships launching missiles in the sky.
C. In first level, the mission is to destroy energy blocks transmitting energy into space, which are robbing energy from earth continuously; nine targets altogether, destroy them!
D. In first level, the player need destroy biped robots which would appear near him/her randomly.
E. In second level, at completion of mission of first level, a few seconds after the player climb over a fence, a smart chariot will appear. Press ”F” key to board on the chariot when approaching it, the “WASD” keys to control direction, the “space” key to control the brake, the combination of Forward + Steering + Brake keys to drift, the left key of the mouse or “RT ” key of the game controller to fire shells.
F. In second level, the player need to destroy small quadruped robots of required amount which would appear near him/her randomly. After certain number of them are destroyed, the player fires at the big quadruped robots. Once the big ones are destroyed, the player will jump out of the chariot automatically and the third level starts.
G. In third level, the player need fight against the attack of biped robots and escape bombs.
H. In fourth level, after completion of third level, the player can take a space capsule channel and enter the master control base of AI intelligent robots, where the player can find the control cabin.Once the player approaches the console, self-destructive bombs will be triggered. Once the player destroy the bombs, 100-second destruction countdown is initiated; at the same time, many time bombs will appear, which will explode one by one after the 100-second countdown. The player need escape the base before the explosion, or he/she will be killed, mission failed.

Except for “Visit Level”, all other levels of this game are no easy task, where robots will shoot the player from hidden places, and it will be most difficult when the scene is shifted to spaceship perspective from time to time, during the few seconds, it will be quite dangerous if any bomb appears near the player because he/she cannot control the situation. It is suggested that the player shoot down or escape bombs nearby and heed closely to the position of the spaceship and seek an action line in favour of cover.

Actually, the player can influence the spaceship, which locks the direction of the player before it flies to next attack position. If the player makes full use of this feature, he/she can lead the spaceship to an attack position in favor of the player.

All in all, this game is full of uncertainty, where players seem to be in a real war field and the unexpected may happen any time. Wish you good luck!

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