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accelerating hotkeys is an action-typing game set in a boring run-of-the-mill office, this is an action thriller about work.

You are a corporate drone and no more, no family to write home about and no debt to be paid off. You do this simply for the joy of typing, the financial security it brings, and the cheaply available merchandise. You will type until [REDACTED].

  • The Thrill Of Typing
    Type like never before with an input system that is physically represented in-game.
  • A Partially Accurate Beige Office
    While remaining near-motionless in a generic office chair, the frontier of a vast office space awaits you, complete with interactable water cups and the like.
  • Quick To Learn But Difficult To Master
    Anyone can pick up their hands and begin typing, but only a few can do so with utmost precision in limited time. Maintain high combos and fully utilize all systems in place to truly go above and beyond.
  • Spending Money Wisely
    Experience learned on the battlefield is used to accumulate finances that can be spent on vast riches, including perhaps, a new mouse.
  • Custom Input
    Typing is a truly limitless experience, this goes even further with the ability to input custom word packs. Achievements however, have their limitations.

Jim's To-Do List
-remember to replace the redacted statement with a new and engaging one that better sell the game as "safe" for all
-incorporate a secret into the description somewhere, maybe tell people to check out the trailer for anything they can use in the game
-add more topical and witty points about the game
-think of more interesting and catchy phrasing to lure people in
-don't forget to remove my to-do list
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 SP1+


X64 architecture w/ SSE2 support

Grafik Kartı:

Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities