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Acassia… is a tank, action and shooting game, where does it start your new adventure in a world of science fiction and interplanetary wars. Imbued with galactic legends, the game will give you the opportunity to have fun using extravagant and truly powerful combat machinery to help, defend and conquer various civilizations...

Characteristics Of Acassia

  • Photorealistic graphics.
  • Open war environment.
  • Total freedom of movement (open world style).
  • Infinite replay value, score and credits.
  • Action and Enemies: Tanks and Infantry.
  • 6 heavy tanks equipped with powerful weapons.
  • Unique weapons for each tank.


In a faraway place, called Acassia, located in a dimension parallel to our universe, a constant struggle is waged to maintain the balance and survival of various civilizations and galaxies. After the devastating destruction suffered and arisen as a result of the improper manipulation of the Acassia gems, in the struggle to generate unlimited energy, several civilizations were affected by a universal imbalance in the scarcity of planetary resources. And this is where your story begins… use the remaining resources to conquer and rewrite the history of these worlds… The legendary tanks: ZOOD, ESTRADIUM, BESHELL, HEXIUM, CRATEMOHR and TITTAN, are just the beginning and a few among which futures you will discover.

Tank Zood

With his versatility and adaptability in defense and assault, and is capable of creating miniature black holes and pulverizing his enemies.

Tank Estradium

Its great attack capacity and its great variety of weaponry allows quick and devastating assaults, making the enemy's defenses futile.

Tank Beshell

This tank is capable of brutally wearing down the enemy, and its highly resistant armor makes this machine an unstoppable beast.

Tank Hexium

Is what makes this versatile tank capable of creating photonic, thermal, cryogenic, electrical, and antimatter ammunition out of thin air.

Tank Cratemohr

Fast, agile and resistant are the qualities that define this expensive combat. Designed for rapid infantry recovery and rescue operations.

Tank Tittan

Equipped with thermal rocket launchers and an extra machine gun against infantry, this tank offers the army the most devastating power in the entire galaxy.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 64bit


Intel Core i5 2300k

Grafik Kartı:

CPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB