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A Short wandering & running adventure inside of your own nightmare.
Everyone has already dreamed of being in an unknown place, strangely free in their movements, it was all fun and games... until "They" appears.


Acanthoceras is a fast-paced Horror/Parkour mixup where your only option is to repeat a cycle of fear, search, and run,
in the hope of escaping the nightmares chasing you.

The game lets you wandering in a abandoned hospital littered with puppet pieces.
A few papers on the floor are your only way to figure out what's going on.
You're free to move, run, jump, and slide...but will that be enough to escape?

Good luck and... Have fun.

"Welcome back old friend...
To come back here every night, did you miss us so much ?
Oh there is no need to answer...

You'd better start running don't you think ?"


Recommended resolution : 1920 x 1080.

Basics Commands :
- WASD / ZQSD : move around.
- Space : Jump. (Can be charged).
- C / Ctrl : Slide & Crawl.
- Shift : Dash.
- E : Interact.

Advenced Commands :
- Double tap direction : Flip.
- Side + Forward on a wall : Wall run.

>_Cast :
Game - Amaury Hyde.
Music - Tom Morel.
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