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In a future where there is only capital and blood in the universe, where everything is run by money,
The capitalist corporations that control the galaxy have only the government in their sights to maintain stability,
At the dawn of the 3rd generation, it all begins with a struggle,
The universe is once again in turmoil, but...
The opponents rise and fall, everything is money,
And in this future, your choices do not determine the course of everything,
But if you choose, this society and this universe will give you something in return.

Game core and content
Pixelated real-time combat
Round-robin battles with large bodies and ships
(The combat system will be modified in the future based on player feedback)

A plot that has been revised and written several times,
The storyline is not simply a single storyline
Full storyline with 4 main characters and various events
A total of 10 chapters, each containing 1 main story and 2 or 3 subplots
More than 10 sets of cg's and cg's for each female character available
The female characters do not require you to go through a lot of trouble to get a good rating or complete special events,
Players and characters are mutually exclusive and trigger each other's events during the course.
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