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An ordinary movie crew walks into a cursed castle, but can't find a way out... Murders that spanned seven centuries have resurfaced, and those who died 100 years ago are back in the background.

An ancient castle full of fog, midnight all sorts of weird things happen one after another, and people die mysteriously, everyone is apprehensive and uneasy.

You need to try to survive here and explore ways to escape. Be careful with every judgment you make. Every choice you make determines the outcome.

Only calm thinking can solve the puzzle and escape from this nightmare place.

Game Play

You will play the role of Yu Qiu, the stunt double of the crew, or Duan Kexin, the heroine of Death Inn. You will come to the castle with other crew members to explore the mysterious truth under the fog.

The second view is triggered by a hidden line after an underground expedition, and the player can then choose the view.

The operation mode is simple, easy to use, a variety of game props improve the game playability.

There are several mysterious personas that require the player to pick holes in each one's words. Use clue gathering, plot judgment, and choice options to reach various endings

The plot is closely linked, and there are many subtle clues in different branches due to plot differences. You need to analyze every detail to solve the puzzle.


"Death Inn Ⅱ- The Immortal Is Coming" to follow the first "Death Inn" story, is a plot to the suspense survival theme of the work.

Dark scenes and gloomy background music, creating a scary and exciting atmosphere, let the player immersive.

Double female perspective mode. With the cast's understudy Yu Qiu as the first point of view, "Death Inn" female lead Duan Kexin as the second point of view, the outcome of the two routes are different.

The story is rich and wonderful. The player can make choices based on their own reasoning, and events unfold in a very confusing way. Who will be next, the outcome is surprising.
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