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One day, the memory loss of the female Lin Mohuai, woke up to find himself involved in a different escape to kill the game, was also brought here by another 7 different characters, in the mouth of Satan, you know, there are seven of the eight people present is a murderer on the run. In this 4 day run - away game, each person will get a number, the way to win, is to kill their number plus one. The player has to reason, decipher, and even cheat in the story. You don't know who your enemies are, and the people closest to you may be the ones you have to get rid of. Each character has a hidden secret and unknown story, smart and calm British hybrid warm male, proud jiao belly black Japanese students, you will launch a section of plot with them? This one escaped to kill game backside hid a what kind of truth after all, you of amnesia is murderer after all, all puzzle still did not unlock, can you find the answer?
Eight people, each has a corresponding number, but do not know each other's identity. The way to win, is to eliminate their number plus one, the maximum probability of victory is only 50%, and the reality is far crueler than this. To reason, to decipher, to cheat, to kill... For the so-called freshmen, who can not get dirty?
" Huge branch line system ": rich branch line plots, create unique reading substitutions
"Brilliant characterization of characters": The characterization of characters is vivid and exquisite, and everyone has their own secrets
"Multiple ending experiences": High freedom of choice, there are many different paths to choose from, each with a different story
"Thought-provoking content": "We're all doing what we think is right." In addition to the stimulation of reversal, the story also brings us a lot of questions about human nature.
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