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In the real world, frustrated you accidentally receive a call that is about to change your destiny. You follow the guidance to a traditional mysterious southwest town.

The optimistic and cheerful leopard Maodan always look lost, and the serious and silent bull Hongye always takes revenge on you,

In your dream, there is always a mysterious tile cat.

On the eve of the lunar eclipse, the three will gradually work with you to reveal the appearance of a romantic past.

And the feelings between you and them seem to have undergone subtle changes in the roaring of the bamboo forest.

"According to our rules, there was a huge fire that night. This is the moon I made myself."

About this

This is a visual novel game with the theme of furry characters and homosexual love. You will play a human character who is about to become an furry in the game, break into a small town in Southwest China by mistake, and get involved in the local wonderful past.

The game system provides archiving and file reading functions. You can make different choices and trigger different plots during the game.

"The Incomplete Lunar" is the first chapter of this series. As the plot progresses, you will have a first understanding of the main characters of the game.


The game supports simplified Chinese and English. It is a good opportunity to learn a new language.

In the specific scenes of the game, there are slight pornographic nudity and slight alcohol consumption.